Ithaca is FENCES

Pictures of Direct Action Against the Fences

These pictures were taken January 5, 2011 on the Stewart Avenue Bridge.  They show a number of stickers and spray paint on many of the fences poles that were placed there by someone over Christmas Break.
These are pictures taken December 12, 2010 of the Stewart Avenue bridge.  They show white spray paint on the fence and two fence posts.  This spray painting was done the day after Cornell University re-painted the fence and posts black for the second time.
Someone tied small pieces of paper to the Stewart Avenue fence to make the fence more noticeable.
The next picture is of a fence post on the Stewart Avenue bridge that was spray painted by someone in November 2010.
On August 20,2010 a sign reading "Suicide Hotspot" was placed on the Stewart Avenue Bridge.  Suicide Hotspot is a term used by Cornell University.  The 8 foot high black metal suicide fences were erected on the bridges that Cornell decided were Suicide Hotspots. The sign remained for only minutes. 

On August 30, 2010 a sign reading "Enjoy the View? No FENCES" was placed on the Stewart Avenue Bridge   Above the hand painted sign is a printed sign placed on the fence by Cornell University that reads: "Temporary fences have been put in place for the safety of the community.  More info at caringcommunity." The Enjoy the View? sign remained for several hours. The Cornell University sign was removed in early September. Note: On some bridges the safety of the community sign was replaced by a sign that reads:  "This is a temporary fence. Thank you for your patience.  For more information please visit caringcommunity." As of December 2010 none of the Cornell University caringcommunity signs remained near the fenced bridges.
These pictures take on September 10, 2010 show orange paint placed by someone on the posts of the Stewart Avenue Bridge fence.  This paint remained for one week before Cornell University used black spray paint to cover the orange paint.
These pictures from August 20, 2010 show NO FENCES written on the Cornell University sign which reads "Temporary fences have been put in place for the safety of the community.  More info at caringcommunity."  After the NO FENCES writing was removed from the Cornell University sign someone placed a sing below it that says NO FENCE.  That sign remained there for a day and a half before being removed.