Ithaca is FENCES

Diverse opinions about Ithaca's suicide fences...

During Fall 2010 Ithaca got plastered with more than 1000 "Ithaca is FENCES" stickers.  Most of those stickers were removed or defaced within days by free speech opponents.  As a result of the Ithaca is FENCES sticker campaign a group of 30 people responded and made their voices heard by attaching individual stickers to the College Avenue fences over Cascadilla Gorge. These stickers express a range of diverse opinions.  Although we do not agree with some of their opinions, we greatly appreciate their contribution to a more open discussion and dialogue about whether the fences are necessary. (Please click on the images to see the full text)

Why are tiny stickers an acceptable medium
for debating the worth of human lives?

Only days after the large variety of stickers appeared on College Avenue Bridge, a small white sticker asking "Why are tiny stickers an acceptable medium for debating the worth of human lives?" was plastered all over the fence poles....

Ithaca is FENCES with doi:10.1136/bmj.c2884

This green "Ithaca is FENCES" sticker (left) was first seen on College Avenue Bridge after Thanksgiving. The document identifier (doi) makes reference to a recent study on bridge barriers at Bloor Street Viaduct in Toronto (Sinyor & Levitt, 2010). This study shows that installation of a fence failed to prevent suicides by jumping, due to a significant increase of jumping from other bridges. Earlier, twenty copies of this study were woven into the fence on College Avenue Bridge on November 21st (right).

The blue stickers on College Avenue Bridge